Custom Made Table Protectors

How To Measure Up

How To Measure Up

Instructions for measuring tables / making a pattern

  1. Place a sheet of paper over the curved or cut corners of the table, letting the paper extend over the three edges; and line the edge of the paper with the centre table division. Place several books or weights on the paper to prevent wrinkling, then with a crayon or pencil, mark round the edges of the table.
  2. If the table has a bevelled edge, make a pattern for the flat surface of the table only - do not include the bevelled edge.
  3. The pattern may then be cut on lines traced and again place in position on the table to make sure it is a perfect fit.
  4. Always give the total width and length in cms or inches (not including bevelled edges), of table when fully extended and length when table is closed.
diagram showing the measuring up of a table


  • Always measure with a wood or steel rule - cloth tapes owing to stretching may not be exact. Table felts should fit the flat surface of the table and the fit is dependent upon the true paper pattern and measurements you send in.

Extra Leaves

If leaves are wanted for lengthening the table, simply give the width and number of leaves desired.

top view of rectangular table

Patterns not required for this type of table

top view of octagonal table

Paper pattern of end of table only required, or simply send pattern of corner

top view of oval table

Oval tables, pattern of drop leaves also centre required

top view of circular table

Patterns not required for this type of table

side view of straight edged table

Side View - Straight Edge

side view of sloped or round egde table

Side View - Sloped or Round Edge