Custom Made Table Protectors

Heat & Water Resistant Roll Form Pads

An example of some table pads

How to use a table pad

When using hot dishes, the white side should be facing upwards. For general table protection, particularly the scratches and indentations caused by ballpoint pens etc., lay the pad with the PVC upwards to obtain a working surface, which can be cleaned using a damp cloth. After use the pad should be rolled up and stored with the PVC on the outside. The pads come in a range of colours.

Widths available

91cm (36") -- 1.00m (39.5")

1.22m (48") -- 1.52m (60")

Why use a table pad?

Quite simply it is asking too much of a thin film of polish on a table top to withstand the daily use of utensils and crockery on a set table...give it the protection it needs. Table protectors can be individually tailored to fit any size or shape of table. Supplied either in one full piece or in sections, bound or unbound.